PE Days



At Diamond Hall we have high standards and expect children to be appropriately dressed for PE lessons. Children should wear;

  • Plain t-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Trainers/gym shoes
  • Tracksuit bottoms are permitted when children are working outdoors but are not appropriate for indoor activities such as gymnastics. Teachers will advise children when they can wear tracksuit bottoms.

Football strips are not to be worn for PE lessons and all jewellery (watches and earrings) must be removed. Earrings must be removed and not taped up, this is a health and safety regulation. Children who have just had their ears pierced will not be allowed to do PE until they can remove their earrings.

Please note it is not acceptable for children to wear their PE kit to come to school they must bring it in a bag and change. Similarly, they must also change after PE.


P.E. Timetable


Year 3

Miss Etherington - Thursday

Miss Towers - Thursday

Mr Charlton - Friday


Year 4

Miss Bowmaker - Monday

Mr Guthrie - Thursday

Miss Allsopp - Thursday


Year 5

Miss Fucile - Monday

Mrs Muncaster - Tuesday

Mrs Taylor - Tuesday


Year 6

Miss Parkin - Wednesday

Miss Cairns - Wednesday

Mr Forster- Friday